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Since 1967 the United Nations have organized every five years conferences on the standardization of geographical names, with the goal of promoting the use of standardized place names in international communication. Items discussed at the conferences include:

At the intervals between the conferences the United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) is active, holding sessions every two years. The activities of UNGEGN are based on regional cooperation. In 1992, at the Sixth UN Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names the Baltic Division was formed. The Division consists of experts from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland (since 2012) and the Russian Federation. The coordinators and Chairs of the Baltic Division have been the following: 1992–1998 Estonia (Peeter Päll), 1998–2002 Latvia (Jurģis Kavacs, Vita Strautniece), 2002–2007 Lithuania (Danutė Mardosienė), 2007–2012 Estonia (Aule Kikas). Since 2012 the Division is coordinated by the Russian Federation, and the Vice-Chair is named by the Latvian delegation. In addition to linguistic/geographical divisions UNGEGN has formed working groups to deal with specific questions. These working groups are attended by experts from various countries.

During the five-year period from 2012 to 2017 the Russian Federation will coordinate the activities of the Division. At the 15th meeting of the Division held in Rīga in March 2012 Ms. Marina Morozova was elected Chair of the Baltic Division, and later Ms. Vita Strautniece was elected Vice-Chair of the Division.

To give an overview on the activities of the Baltic Division concerning the standardization of geographical names the Place Names Board of Estonia has opened a page that contains documents in English and Russian, presented at earlier international forums on names standardization. In addition to the work in the Baltic Division experts have participated as guests at sessions of the Norden Division and Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia Division of UNGEGN.

More information on the activities of the United Nations in the field of standardization of geographical names you may find at the UNGEGN website.

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