eLex 2013

electronic lexicography in the 21st century:
thinking outside the paper

organized by

Institute of the Estonian Language
Trojina, Institute for Applied Slovene Studies

The third biennial conference on electronic lexicography, eLex 2013, took in Tallinn, Estonia, from 17-19 October 2013. The conference was preceded by two workshops, Preparing for the electronic age on Tuesday, 15th October (organized by Erlandsen Media Publishing), and SKEW4 on Wednesday, 16th October (organized by Lexical Computing Ltd.).

We would like to thank the sponsors, keynote speakers, presenters, and all the participants for making the conference such a success.

The previous two eLex conferences have included presentations on many innovative approaches to presenting lexicographic information, however there were, perhaps unavoidably, still discussions on the differences between paper and electronic dictionaries, as well as comparisons of their advantages and disadvantages. Such discussions merely take away the focus from the actual task at hand – to find different ways on how to exploit the rich potential of electronic medium in order to respond (quickly) to the needs of the new types of users, as well as to the needs of modern lexicographers, to forget about conventional approaches and be innovative, to conceptualize the dictionary with an electronic format in mind; in other words, “to think outside the paper”.

eLex 2013 organizing committee