SKEW4 workshop

PROGRAMME available.

4th annual Sketch Engine workshop was timed to coincide with the conference. SKEW events are an opportunity for advanced users of the Sketch Engine and others interested in corpus NLP and corpus lexicography to keep abreast of new functionality, compare notes on how the tool can be used to greatest effect, and to discuss problems and possibilities with the development team.

The Sketch Engine is a leading corpus query system in use for lexicography and linguistic research at dictionary publishers including Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, Collins, Macmillan, Le Robert and Cornelsen, national language institutes in eight countries, and over one hundred universities world wide.  It’s distinctive feature is the ‘word sketch’, on one page summary of a word’s grammatical and collocational behaviour.  The Sketch Engine web service includes very large, ready-to-use corpora for over sixty languages, including all the world’s major languages, and facilities for uploading your own corpora and for building corpora from the web.

Visit SKEW workshop website for more information.

NEW: The workshop took place at the Institute of the Estonian Language.