Preparing for the electronic age

Pre-conference workshop (run by EMP)

Preparing for the electronic age


09.00-09.15       registration
09.15-10.30        the long tail and the economy of publishing
10.30-10.50        coffee break
10.50-11.30         dictionaries and XML
11.30-12.15          exploiting existing data “better”
12.15-13.00         lunch
13.00-14.15         mobile publishing
14.15-15.00         (new) Product development
15.00-15.20        coffee break
15.20-16.00        creating “new” data
16.00-17.00        the future of “dictionaries” and the new editor role

There will be exercises and room for discussions included in some of the sessions

Let’s face it – lexicography today has to take electronic publishing into account. Printed dictionaries may not be disappearing completely, but as other printed media are moving into electronic format, dictionaries will inevitably follow suit.

For some time dictionary content has been moved/transferred from print to electronic medium, which mimicked the print in presentation, structure and overall content. But it is time to start to produce directly for electronic publishing, though this might change our daily work, the way we design dictionaries and our relation to the users.

This workshop will first establish the market and economic grounds/conditions for successful publication in electronic form. Second, it will look at what the role between publisher/editor on one side and users on the other will be in the future. Third, it will look at how we reuse existing material, but for new blue ocean strategies.

The workshop will consist of a mixture of presentations, case studies and discussions. Presentations will include “The long tail and how it changes publication”, “New dictionary concepts for electronic format only”, “XML, design and transforming content for future use”. Case studies will include solid experience from a leading Nordic dictionary publisher (mainly bilingual) and from the Slovenian situation. Discussions will be by you and your fellow participants, around a number of subjects based on real life examples.

Participants are invited to bring their own PC, tablet, mobile, etc. in order to demonstrate and test the tools and methods that will be presented and discussed at the workshop.

Place: Institute for the Estonian Language, Tallinn

Date: Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Organized by: Jens Erlandsen (Erlandsen Media Publishing)