John Simpson:
What would Dr Murray have made of it all? OED lexicography a hundred years on

Ryan McDonald:
Leveraging dictionaries to build web-scale language technologies
Annette Klosa:
Internet lexicography: requirements, concepts, research approaches
Arvi Tavast:
Why do we take for granted that words have meanings?

Gregory Grefenstette:
Generating resources for the lexicography of under-resourced languages


Panellists: John Simpson, Gregory Grefenstette,
Annette Klosa, Ryan McDonald, Arvi Tavast

- dictionary publishers
- crowd-sourcing
- dictionary apps
- e-lexicography and other disciplines
- status of lexicography in the age of online dictionaries


Ana Frankenberg-Garcia:
Learner’s use of corpus examples revisited
Vojtech Kovar, Adam Kilgarriff,
Ana Frankenberg-Garcia:

Bilingual word sketches: three flavours

Iztok Kosem, Polona Gantar,
Simon Krek:

Automation of lexicographic work:
an opportunity for both lexicographers
and crowd-sourcing

Paul Cook, Jey Han Lau, Michael Rundell, Diana McCarthy and Timothy Baldwin:
A lexicographic appraisal of
an automatic approach for detecting
new word senses

Daniele Besomi:
Graphical representation of the web of knowledge. Analysing the local hierarchies and the global web of connections in a specialized encyclopedia 
Daiga Deksne, Inguna Skadiņa
and Anders Vasiļjevs:

The modern electronic dictionary that always gives an answer
Danie Prinsloo, Theo Bothma, Ulrich Heid
Linking e-dictionaries to advanced processed corpus data

Henrik Lorentzen, Nicolai H.
Sørensen and Lars Trap-Jensen:

An odd couple – corpus frequency and
look-up frequency: what relationship?
Andrea Abel and
Christian M. Meyer:

The dynamics outside the paper: user contributions to online dictionaries
Karlheinz Moerth, Stephan Prochazka, Omar Siam,
Thierry Declerck:

Spiralling towards perfection: an incremental approach for mutual lexicon-tagger improvement

Theo Bothma, Ulrich Heid,
Danie Prinsloo:

Implementing decision support
for text production in e-dictionaries

Adam Kilgarriff, Milos Husak, Miloš Jakubiček:
Automatic Collocation Dictionaries
Christian-Emil Smith Ore,
Oddrun Grønvik:

What should the electronic dictionary
do for you – and how?

Ilan Kernerman:
Dictionary n. Obsolete? Before and afterwords
Robert Lew:
Online dictionary skills
Miloš Jakubiček, Adam Kilgarriff, Vojtech Kovar, Pavel Rychly,
Vit Suchomel:

Terminology-finding in the Sketch Engine